Printers' Referral Form


If you have made a purchase of blank shirts from this company, you are welcome to submit your contact information to be added to our printers' referral list for free. We receive a large amount of print requests that we cannot complete. They range from 1 shirt requests to large orders for transfers, embroidery, sublimation & screen printing. We are not offering contract work or expect anything in exchange for the referral. We send the party seeking printing an email indicating that we cannot take on the project and a referral that may is listed below. ONLY ONE PRINTER is referred at a time, so you will not be competing with any one else on the list. You do not have to contact the party seeking the printing, they receive your email and phone number to contact you. We do not send you their information. Please keep us in mind for buying the shirts to print the job with if you get a referral. This is completely optional.


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